Massan x Macaframa – Raw [VIDEO]

Fixed gear rider Massan again teams up with Macaframa. Filmed from a car mount, this was a segment from their latest feature. Massan absolutely kills this hill, and seems to do it with relative ease, proving why he is one of the most exciting riders to watch. Check out the video right here, and let’s hear what you think.

Aloha Fixed – Aloha Funday [VIDEO]

Honolulu based fixed gear store Aloha Fixed hits us with an awesome edit recapping one of their recent Sunday afternoons. The gang tears up the streets, hosts a pong tourney, and gets into all sorts of shenanigans. Check out the edit right here, and be sure to share your thoughts.

Garfield Adams – For My City [VIDEO]

This has to be one of the coolest music videos of all time. The visuals for Garfield Adams’ “For My City” features a sweet fixie gang, a beautiful day, and some great vibes; not to mention a dope jazz influenced hip-hop beat. Check out the music video right here, and let us know what you think.

Genre de Vie Documentary – Trailer [VIDEO]

Genre de Vie is an upcoming documentary that will look at how bicycles and cyclists are directly connected to a city.  Sven Prince and Jorrit Spoeistra plan to interview architects, city planners, politicians, and everyday city dwellers to find out how bicycles play into their lives and their decisions.  Check out the trailer right here, and let’s hear what you think.